solemn. Vol. 2

by Michael King

solemn: la finale

Two days on from posting the first volume, solemn. Vol. 1, I question myself if perhaps ‘It is too early to post the second? Do I keep a feel of mystery…suspense? Does anyone even read my work? “Keep them wanting more” – all my English teachers ever reiterated during my drudgery school days.’

So here I am, two days later. Quarter past the hour of 12, midnight. The blissful compositions of Erik Satie is sailing through my ears as I read Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s ‘Everyman’s Poetry’. In Memoriam, perhaps my favourite of the collection. I pause at the 50th line, “Be near me when my light is low, when the blood creeps, and the nerves prick and tingle; and the heart is sick, and all the wheels of Being slow.”  I reread that particular verse over and over again. “Be near me when my light is low.” Poignant, yet heartwarming. Thoughts wander through my mind; I cease with a thought: what dreadful words…dreadfully beautiful, however.

A pause. As I grab hold of the picture frame, gazing at her image a thought bestows my mind: I am all but nothing, worthless and needless without her. I seldom like to refer her as “beautiful”. Personally, I find the adjective to be rather overused and barren.
Though she is all that God created in his own image – (beautiful then I suppose).
The cause of joy in my heart; her allure is envious to many and unattainable to all. To envision a life without her is knowing there is no life at all. For she is my Queen. The light to my darkness. The blood flowing through my veins.

12:51 am. as I arrange to retire into my cold, yet luring bed – on this note I conclude with Da Vinci: “As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” 


– empty your mind through my words.