The Authentic Gentleman

common sense, ironically, is for the uncommon.

Category: Poetry

The Walls Bleed with Termites (vol. 2)

(Side B)

Lights beaming, flickering like an unstable man twitching with anxiety.
Crawling, racing, they compete with their lives on the line – who gets to the bag of rice first? Life’s complex question. Who survives?
Reliability, a rarity. Like a man with weathering emotions, reliability is a falsely sold dream;
Their noises, fast as a tornaduous wind whistling through the walls, with each flickering light. flick, flick, flick.

The walls bleed with termites.
The long and jaded corridors; rotten with life – suicidal, each plea filled with desperation.
As he lays, lying flat on the soulless floor – they crawl around him, slowly, without evident movements and suddenly like an ambushed and tireless troop – helpless and withered, with no hope in sight.

A piercing noise rises from his mouth like a newborn child seeking warmth and shelter.
Destitute of care, he plunges into the deep, endless ocean.
Swimming heartily in hope of rescue – a return to familiarity; a comfortable warm sea.



The Walls Bleed with Termites (vol. 1)

(Side A)

hollow and dark –
He finds himself twisted and lost.
Trapped by the poverty of desperation or the desperation of poverty,
Never exactly what you plan it to be; simplest of plans become the most complicated.
Duped by opportunity, blinded by what proposed itself as ‘grace’ and ‘kindness’.
Tossed like a garden salad; overwhelmed by the falsity of man.
Suffering is a man not until he is clutched from comfortability, familiarity and flung into a sea of peculiarity.
Drowning: his life now nothing but a slideshow before his frail and callow eyes.



[Life], like a gloom in the dark clouds of a grey world;
Once a young man embodied with ambition,
he wandered nakedly into a world of inhumanity and feral beasts –
bursting of ambition,
intact with enthusiasm,
ferociously consumed by the ghastly manner of the world around him,
He found himself gradually falling into the shallow pit of life;
stripped of his dignity and hope
he mirrors himself with misery and disappointment.

Repetitive desires followed by heart-shattering failures,
he sees a reflection of the young man he once was,
an optimist full of faith and hope,
overdriven by pain and disappointment,
transformed into a pessimist numb with emotion,
Drunk with fatigue;
in the glare of hope and a chance of revival.

afrodisiac. vol. 1


her skin, pure like the heavenly fruits of eden,
she moves like a whistling wind wafting through your soul – 
her smile, seductive like the Egyptian queen;
queen to the goddess
goddess of the gods.

she is afrodisiac, the queen of the jungle;
lioness, she roars mightily into your heart –
lost in the jungle;
feeble and destitute, you awake at her feet.