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common sense, ironically, is for the uncommon.

The Adversity of London

So, it has been almost three months since I relocated to London. These past 3 months, I have to admit has taught me some new things, made me experience a variety of things I would have never thought of experiencing, but most of all it has worked me to the core! The term ‘the city that never sleeps’ is usually referenced when talking about New York, the BIG APPLE. But you have to admit that London is that sleepless child that either cries all night or runs around like he/she is high on caffeine.

The franticness of this city is one that can break you down mentally without your awareness. You’ve got to be persistent and vigilant because it will bite you like a bastard if caught off-guard. The essence of this post is that the city can ‘make’ or ‘break’ you. It’s just up to you which one you allow to impact you. Personally, I am too nonchalant for London, but whenever I’m outside the city – whether it be out of the country or not – I always seem to be thinking of London and its greatness and every time I try to leave it just seems to keep ‘pulling me back’, (yes I quoted Chingy’s ‘Pulling Me Back’ song – great song!). Anyway, my point is that the city is not one you can boss around. You’ll meet and encounter great and fabulous people, and then some minutes later you’ll meet and encounter some complete arrogant, ignorant and moronic useless excuse for ‘human beings’ people that you just have the urge to annihilate and you’re constantly saying to yourself. “only if murder was legal. Only if!” The city is crazy. Yet its craziness is what keeps the vast majority of people living in London sane and alive. Nevertheless, it is a magnificent city, one that is incomparable. Anyone can be a Londoner, but only a few can ‘have the London look.’



Home Swap

So today I was at Uni since 10 am (okay I lie, past 10) till say 7pm. Lengthy right? Anyway, during the course of me battling with my academic essay – which happens to be due in, in less than 4 days – I stumbled upon a song titled ‘Pray’ by a young Canadian chap that goes by the name of Justin Bieber (I’m sure you all know of him). So as I was watching this music video I paused on a section of the video which shows a homeless disabled couple pleading for help and shelter. So I ask myself, “would I swap homes with a homeless person?” Ironic. I know, since they have no home.

But my point is would I or anyone that’s privileged enough to have a home, swap their luxurious king-size bed with a homeless person living (literally) in a cardboard box. Well, I then said to myself “that’s a challenge I would like to take”. Can you imagine how it’s like to live on the streets day in day out? Especially during winter, when it’s bloody freezing! It’s unimaginable isn’t it? Because we’re all used to our privileged lifestyle and provisions. Well, I would savour the chance to swap homes with a homeless person for a week, just to experience what they experience daily. It strickens my heart whenever I see a homeless person just lying there in the arctic cold, helpless with nothing to his/her’s name.

Next time you see a homeless person just imagine yourself in their shoes (that’s even if he/she has shoes let alone A shoe).

Happy Thanksgiving.


Love will tear us apart…again

LOVE. What is love? Is it not just an abstract or element? Perhaps it’s a mental state of mind…we as humans are known to seek affection, as it helps us grow and feel valuable. Why must we feel valuable because one person or more says the ‘love’ use therefore we are valuable to them.

Have you ever thought of ‘love’ to be just an idea? A mere concept. What if love is just as invisible as oxygen? That surely means we are all deluded. We believe and have believed everything that has been fed to us since our arrival on this earth, therefore every possible thing that we say we are or we are involved in is just an utter bliss of fiction.

Have you ever thought of life to be fictitious? I mean surely you must have thought about it? (Even if it was just a tiny little bit) Especially if you have watched that spectacular film called ‘The Truman Show’ – which stars the once-ever-so-amusing Jim Carrey. Moreover, the essence of this blog post – as I feel like there must be a reason behind me posting this nonsensical jargon – is that why do we not question things enough? Primarily why do we not question life in general? The essence of our existence. Perhaps if we started to attempt to question, maybe, just maybe then we all won’t be trapped in the Government’s maze. We, in theory are just like hamsters. Rolling or should I say running, around like we have no purpose in life.

PS, I’m not some sort of melancholic, depressed human being (I’m sure the thought has gone through your mind), I just tend to question things and it has only occurred to me that there is little, if not none amount of questioning in life.

Anyhow, I leave you on this note with a beautifully pieced music by a folk duo band based in London that go by the name of Daughter. And this blissful piece of art is called ‘Youth’, (like there’s not enough crap out there about youth(s) haha). Enjoy.

à la prochaine fois

Daughter – Youth

It’s a MAC MAC World!

So, the topic of this blog post is all about Apple’s MacBooks and its popularity with students, especially at my university.

First of all, I attend University of the Arts London. You might have heard of it you might have not, but it’s supposedly the “leading Arts university in Europe” (perhaps that explains the abundant amount of International students at the university). But, yes I attend that Uni and it consists of six constituents colleges and my college happens to be the renowned (not bragging or anything. Okay, maybe I am) London College of Fashion…sounds fancy doesn’t it?

Well, to cut straight to the whole point of this ridiculous blog post, the amount of students that use MacBooks (mainly the MacBook Pro) at my University is just atrociously LARGE! I mean don’t get me wrong Apple products are prestige in the Tech world, but DAMN! It’s like raining MACS (and I don’t mean Big Macs for you food obsessed “humans”) every time I go to my Uni library and the student study lounge.
Albeit I have admit or should I say ‘confess’, I myself, I am a MacBook (pro for that matter) user, and YES I know I am ranting about the excessive use of MacBooks by students, but it’s a necessity I guess. It’s a way of life. It’s what society (AND the media) have instilled in our precious, yet materialistic minds since birth. We, being so Western must use the best of the best products, and must buy the most expensive and useless crap, which will only last maximum one year because a newly updated and ‘better’ version of the useless item you’ve got at the moment will be released and THEN – because “we’re only humans” (God, I hate that phrase) – we will all queue out in the mothaf’ing COLD to buy the ‘latest’ iPhone, MacBook, FIFA etc (the list continues) and do it all over again the year after. I mean has anybody ever heard of ‘groundhogs day’? Monotony? We do the same old thing over and over, year in year out! Well, I guess we have to keep doing these same old monotonous activities to keep sane. Because let me tell you LIFE can kill a person. It will mess with your mind then turn you into dust! *Poof* Gone with the wind.


PS, purchase a MacBook, Windows is utterly useless haha!



Business and Pleasure

So you know the old saying, “never mix business with pleasure”, well I’ve always thought it to be absurd. Yes it could be somewhat dangerous, but isn’t it danger that we as humans crave for? Surely with such a bleak, corrupt and violent world we live in, danger ought to be something we crave for…apparently not.

Alas, we are all duped by the garbage society (primarily the media) feed us and we inhale these ghastly propositions that the media present without questioning it one bit. Although I don’t concur with this whole “YOLO” movement proposed by what’s his name…Drake and his music group ‘YMCB’ (could they have come up with a more ridiculous name for a group? Well, you have to consider NSYNC as well), but I so agree that a person should experiment with danger once in a while, no matter how dangerous it is. Whether it be crossing the road in Oxford Circus whilst the traffic light is still on green or even as far as trying to seduce or actually seducing your best friend’s mother. At the end of the day, “alls well ends well”, as my good ol’ friend Shakespeare would say.

Advise for the week: do something you’ve never ever even dared to think let alone practically doing it. Enjoy life, because who knows you might just get run over by that traffic in Oxford Circus and then you will never have had the chance to do that specific crazy thing you’ve longed for, for so long!

PS, also watch (actually watch it! – that means you MUST click the YouTube link) the video below:


A little picture of danger there for you. Exciting isn’t it?